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Climate change is a global problem promoted by global warming and leads to uncertain climatic conditons. The strategic response to climate change involves consideration of climate-related risks along with additional risks and benefits of adaptation and mitigation measures. In correspondence with this circumstance, the Indonesian Association of Environmental Experts (IALHI); Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia; Graduate School of Environmental Science, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia; and The United Graduate School of Agriculture Science (UGSAS), Gifu University, Japan are collaborating to organize The 4th International Conference on Climate Change (The 4th ICCC 2019). The purpose of the 4th ICCC 2019 is to accommodate the new related inspiration about how to minimize the climate change impact that occurred at this time, and to share knowledge theoretical and practical aspects of climate change and global warming as well as their industrial applications.

The Scope of Subject

Impact of depletion or enhance of capability of resources of air, water, soil, and vegetation / Ecosystem and habitat destruction research/ Strategy for environmental disaster reduction research / Thermal expansion research / Climate model and uneven precipitation distribution / Pollution and contamination of land surface and atmosphere / Carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emission, recycle and reuse energy research / Involuntary migration and forced displacement / Direct and indirect risks to wellbeing / Implication of climate adaptation and mitigation research / Infrastructures risks and planning on climate adaptation / Policy and legal aspect of climate change / The economic and social elements of climate change / Marine ecosystem affected by climate change.

Upcoming Deadlines

Abtract Submission 28 June 2019
Abstract Acceptance 1 July 2019
Full Paper Submission 1 September 2019
Full Paper Acceptance 1 November 2019
Conference day 18 – 19 Nov 2019
Full Paper Final Revision 27 November 2019
Publishing Process Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Scopus Indexing February 2020

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